Booking for field archery can be quite complicated and we are currently working on a system. 



The right bow for you


We only have a certain number of bows at the park and even though we are working on getting more bows in, in order to book we would need to set aside the best bow for you.


This means that in order to take bookings we would need to know the height of everyone wanting to participate and which hand they would like to pull the string back with. 

Not every right handed person will use a right handed bow, same with lefties.  Archery can come down to eye dominance. Essentially, if you are wanting to pull the string with your right hand, you would also try and aim with your right eye.  If you find that you are wanting to shoot the bow right handed but aim with your left eye, this is called cross-dominance.  There are different ways to overcome cross-dominance and this is something we discuss with you before we select your bow and again during the training. 

The most popular way for beginners to overcome cross-dominance is to go with your dominant hand and block the vision from your dominant eye, forcing you to use the eye on the same side that you're pulling the string. Another way is to go with your dominant eye and pull the string with your non-dominant hand. 

We do not time the field archery


Another thing that can affect bookings is that you do the course at your own pace.  In order to keep to a schedule we would need to time you on the course, causing you to rush your journey and not enjoy it as much.

With archery, patience is key. You want to take your time with your shots, stay relaxed and focus on your breathing. There are many steps involved in archery and taking your time will ensure you remember them all.  If you were to rush through these crucial steps your shots won't come out clean and the joy will fade.

Sometimes there can be a wait on groups finishing before you can head out, this can also bookings. 

We love archery and are truly passionate

about giving you the best experience possible.

Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

**Open every day during WA school holidays.


Any unexpected closures will be posted to Facebook.

*We stay open until you've finished your round.

Daylight permitting.

Monday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*


Wednesday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Thursday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Friday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Saturday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Sunday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

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