This area is home for our bungee run, gladiator ring, giant slide and snookerball. 

Details about these activities are at the bottom of this page. Please note that this area may have 5 minute time slots to ensure that everyone gets a turn, any turns cut short are welcome to re-join the line.

Choose to pay for one activity or all of them and you've got them all day long!

Unlimited play time at The Fun Zone

Activities may not be suited to smaller kids.

Kids to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Bungee Run


Prices per person

Bungee Run (Archery Combo)


Prices per person

Giant 5m Slide


Prices per person

Giant 5m Slide (Archery Combo)


Prices per person

Gladiator Ring


Prices per person

Gladiator Ring (Archery Combo)


Prices per person



Per game, up to 4 players


With a bungee cord strapped around your waist you try to run to the end of an inflated lane. 


One vs one inside an inflate ring as you try to knock each other over with jousting sticks. 


Our latest activity addition to the park is a 5.5m giant inflatable slide!  It features two lanes for side by side use.


Giant version of billiards, played by kicking the ‘cue’ ball into other soccer sized balls and sink them in the pockets! Aussie pub rules apply, ask staff if you're unfamiliar, we're always happy to help!

These activities are best suited for ages 5 and up, but this can differ with each individual.  Smaller kids may still enjoy jumping around, but please check with staff first.

Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Open every day during WA school holidays.


Any unexpected closures will be posted to Facebook.

We stay open until you've finished your round.

Daylight permitting.

Monday  9.00am  -  4.30pm


Wednesday  9.00am  -  4.30pm

Thursday  9.00am  -  4.30pm

Friday  9.00am  -  4.30pm

Saturday  9.00am  -  4.30pm

Sunday  9.00am  -  4.30pm

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