Everyone goes through the course at their own pace which means it can be a little difficult to stick to a schedule. Please consider this when you're visiting. Archery needs patience and this can often be tested before you even start. Archery with 3 arrows per person usually takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, 6 arrows increases the time by about 30 minutes.

*Schools are required to book and will take preference over walk ins. If you are on a tight timeline please call ahead to ensure there is space available. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


All equipment is supplied but you can bring your own!

  • Sorry, no compounds

  • Maximum draw weight 40lbs

  • Discounts only apply if using your own arrows

Please note: we cannot be held liable for any broken or lost arrows. Our target butts are bales of straw with a sheet of heavy duty rubber behind to stop the arrow travelling all the way through, please feel free to test this will be fine to use with your gear.



While we are trying to keep the creepy crawlies at bay, you are out amongst nature. 

This means there may be ants, flies, mosquitoes, birds, and lizards (big king skinks). 

We recommend weather appropriate clothing. Long, loose fitting clothing is recommended for mosquito season.


Enclosed shoes are recommended.  Our field archery trail is a dirt track as the grass does not like to grow in heavily used and shaded areas so you will be walking on black sand.  Also, please keep in mind that if an arrow misses the target you must venture out to search for it. This means walking amongst possible tall grass, weeds, fallen branches and insects/animals. 


Last entry is at 4.30pm and we don't have a specific closing time. You keep going until you're finished!

Weather permitting: We will likely be closed during thunderstorms or wild winds.

Please check Facebook for any closure notices.

**Closed Christmas Day**


Well, no, but we try to be! 

We have a family and will occasionally will need to close the park for family events.

We are humans, susceptible to illnesses so may need to close the park to rest and get better.

Also, the weather- if it gets too windy it can be too dangerous to shoot under the trees. You can shoot in the rain, the miserable cold and the wind, but the trees are what makes us close.  Peppy trees are not the strongest against the wind and if it's too dangerous we can't let people out.

We will always post park closures on our social media pages.