You might even say we're obsessed.

We are Luke and Cassie and we bought the Busselton Archery Park in May 2018.

After visiting the park a few times a year for nearly a decade and falling in love with the environment we couldn't resist taking the plunge to own it ourselves.

We are constantly evolving as archers and love learning new techniques.  If you have any questions about archery we are always happy to answer.


Archer is our resident puppo and he is the goodest of all the good boys! He loves pats, especially big belly scratches!

He's a Border Collie x Australian Shepherd and his birthday is the 18th May 2017!

He loves people but can get a little loud around other dogs so he gets moved to the office when other puppo's are visiting the park.


Luke has been doing archery since he took Cassie on their first date to this very park back in 2007.  He soon discovered that Cassie was a natural and had to work hard to actually win a game.  Not to be outdone he has put a lot of hard work and research into improving his skills. Luke likes shooting across all aspects of archery from compounds to crab bows. He is working on increasing the variety in his bow collection and his skills on different shooting methods.

His currently personal best at the park is 282/300 - and yes, this was achieved using the park rental equipment


Ever since that fateful day in 2007 when Luke introduced her to archery she has been obsessed with the sport, after all, her name appeared on the leaderboard multiple times! After buying the park in 2018 and researching the best training methods Luke convinced her to try shooting left handed. This right handed, left eye dominant archer found she was able to overcome the sight issues in her right eye and actually increased her personal best record.  Making Luke have to work harder to catch her again.

Cassie loves the more traditional side of archery and prefers the stripped down nature of barebow.


Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

**Open every day during WA school holidays.


Any unexpected closures will be posted to Facebook.

*We stay open until you've finished your round.

Daylight permitting.

Monday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*


Wednesday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Thursday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Friday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Saturday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

Sunday  9.00am  -  4.30pm*

(08) 9755 4322

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Busselton Archery Park